Boudoir as Art

Bou.Doir /bood war/ - A women's bedroom or private room

Welcome to my Boudoir gallery ! so glad you stopped by ! I always get a lot of questions about these type of sessions so hopefully i can answer a few common questions and concerns. First off i would like to say the most common first response when you mention Boudoir is .....

"i would love to do this type of session but i need to loose weight first"

" I'm so busy and feel so stressed so maybe when i have time "

" i have nothing to wear "

"I'm not a model"

" i don't have money to spend on myself"

and many many more excuses!


Feeling sexy and confident is different for everyone so ask yourself this " what makes YOU feel sexy and confident ?"

  • Start off by making a list of what makes you feel sexy and confident
  • Create a Pinterest board with some ideas & try to keep them realistic for YOU
  • Ask me questions ! i have done many Boudoir sessions throughout my years as a photographer
  • Boudoir photos make great gifts for a significant other but the first person you should be doing this session for is YOU!

My photo gallery is simply to show off my Art from these beautiful sessions they are not for you to compare or say ...well i cant wear that outfit or i don't look like that ! instead you should be asking yourself "why the heck have i not done one these sessions

yet because i will Rock it " ! Well ??? why haven't you ?

What should you wear for a Boudoir session

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind is Lingerie and yes lingerie is Sexy but make sure you select something you are comfortable wearing because if you don't feel good in it you wont be able to relax and feel confident in the photos .

A cute dress or something more casual like a T shirt and cute cheeky undies can be just as sexy .

Always have choices ! i usually recommend about 3-4 different styles or looks for the session so plan to bring about double that because you might not feeling an outfit you were totally set on previously .

Definitely bring some shoes even if you wont be wearing them in all the photos its nice to have if you decide to.

Makeup & Hair

I currently do not include makeup & hair in my Boudoir sessions Package but i can recommend a few options if you do not feel comfortable doing your own .

You will need to show up to the session with hair and makeup already done that way it does not affect our time we have scheduled for photographs . Even if you do not typically wear a lot of makeup you will still want to apply a little heavier for photos.

I will be adding more information on this page soon so in the meantime if you are interested in a session or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask !

I look forward to hearing from you !

xoxo , Sarah

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